Ultimate Petting Zoo

We understand the importance of memories that last a lifetime and now we want to help you create them for your friends & family.

All of our animals are family pets and are in constant contact with our own children and all our friends. They are sweet, gentle, and very lovable! All our animals are hand-raised as babies or are rescued.

We Bring the Zoo to You!

We provide the opportunity for a hands on Educational experience with a large variety of our friendly animals at the location of your choice. Our petting zoo is the perfect addition to your next party or event!

Our petting zoo is a 20×20 and comes with up to 20 animals! From a Miniature pony, pygmy goat, A large variety of exotic breeds of chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, desert tortoises, Juliana mini pig & a corn snake! We continually add new animals as they become available, so you may see something unexpected!

We provide everything: the secured pen enclosure, the animals, and hand sanitzer for easy hand washing. We clean up our mess when we are done, leaving you with nothing but happy long lasting memories.

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